all credits are for vocals
unless otherwise noted
1965 Turtles
It Ain't Me Babe 1966 Turtles
You Baby/Let Me Be 1967 Turtles
Turtles! Golden Hits
(Guitar, Vocals) 1967 Turtles
Happy Together
(Guitar, Sound Effects
Vocals) 1968 Turtles
Turtles Present the Battle
of the Bands
(Guitar, Vocals) 1969 Turtles
Turtle Soup
(Guitar, Percussion, Vocals) 1970 Turtles
Turtles! More Golden Hits
(Guitar, Vocals, Producer) 1970 T.Rex
T.Rex 1970 Turtles
Wooden Head
(Guitar, Vocals) 1970 Frank Zappa
Chunga's Revenge
(Vocals, Guitar) 1970 Various Artists
Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies 1971 T.Rex
Electric Warrior 1971 Mothers of Invention
Fillmore East 1971 Frank Zappa
200 Motels
(soundtrack and movie) 1972 Flo & Eddie
The Phlorescent Leech and Eddie
(Vocals, Guitar, Producer) 1972 Various Artists
Burbank 1972 Navasota
1972 John Lennon
Plastic Ono Band
1972 Mothers of Invention
Just Another Band from L.A. 1972 T.Rex
Slider 1973 Flo & Eddie
Flo & Eddie
(Vocals, Producer) 1973 Various Artists
Appetizers 1973 Hoyt Axton
Life Machine 1973 Roger McGuinn
Peace on You 1974 Flo & Eddie
Illegal, Immoral and Fattening
(Guitar, Vocals, Producer) 1974 Turtles
Turtle Wax 1974 T.Rex
Light of Love 1974 Turtles
Turtles! Greatest Hits
(Guitar, Vocals, Producer) 1975 David Cassidy
Higher They Climb the
Harder They Fall 1975 Ray Manzarek
The Whole Thing Started
with Rock'n'Roll 1975 Michael Quatro
In Collaboration with the Gods 1975 Keith Moon
Two Sides of the Moon 1976 David Cassidy
Home Is Where the Heart Is 1976 Stephen Stills
Illegal Stills 1976 Flo & Eddie
Moving Targets
(Vocals, Guitar, Producer) 1976 Stephen Stills
Illegal Stills 1976 T.Rex
Futuristic Dragon 1976 Chris Hillman
Slippin' Away 1977 Tim Moore
White Sun 1978 Alice Cooper
From the Inside 1978 Turtles
(Guitar, Vocals, Producer) 1978 DMZ
(Producer) 1978 Good Rats
Rats to Riches
(Producer) 1979 California Dreaming
Soundtrack 1979 Roadmaster
(Producer) 1979 Roger Voudouris 1979 Terry Mace 1980 Blondie
Autoamerican 1980 Alice Cooper
Flush the Fashion 1980 Airplane!
Soundtrack album 1980 Livingston Taylor
Man's Best Friend 1980 Bruce Springsteen
The River 1980 Albert Hammond
Your World & My World 1980 The World Of
Strawberry Shortcake
(Vocals, Songwriter and
Producer) 1980 Tonio K
Amerika 1980 Van Wilks
Bombay Tears 1981 Strawberry Shortcake
in Big Apple City
(Vocals, Songwriter and
Producer) 1981 Flo & Eddie
Rock Steady w/ Flo & Eddie
(Vocals, Producer) 1981 Al Stewart
Live/Indian Summer 1981 California USA
Compilation 1981 Crossfires
Out of Control 1981 The Knack
Round Trip 1982 Alice Cooper
Zipper Catches Skin 1982 Check Point Charlie
Salz & Phiffer
(Vocals, Producer) 1982 Turtles
Turtles' Greatest Hits 1982 Strawberry Shortcake's
Pet Parade

(Vocals, Songwriter,
Producer) 1982 Psychedelic Furs
Forever Now 1982 Sammy Hagar
Full Moon
(Fast Times at Ridgemont High) 1983 Ava Cherry 1983 Burton Cummings 1983 Espionage 1983 Paul Kantner
Planet Earth R'n'R Orchestra 1983 Let's Dance With
Strawberry Shortcake

(Vocals, Songwriter and
Producer) 1983 Introducing The
Care Bears
(Vocals, Songwriter and
Producer) 1983 The Care Bears
Care For You

(Vocals, Songwriter and
Producer) 1983 Adventures in Care-a-lot
(Vocals, Songwriter and
Producer) 1983 The Care Bears Christmas
(Vocals, Songwriter and
Producer) 1983 Turtles
20 Greatest Hits
(Vocals, Producer) 1984 Top Secret!
Soundtrack 1985 T.Rex
T.Rextasy: The Best of 1987 Turtles
Shell Shock 1987 Andy Taylor
Thunder 1987 Flo & Eddie
Best of Flo & Eddie
(Producer) 1988 Adam Bomb 1988 Gavin Friday
Adam and Eve 1988 Frank Zappa
You Can't Do That
on Stage Anymore 1988 Frank Zappa
You Can't Do That
on Stage Anymore
Vol. 1 1989 Frank Zappa
You Can't Do That
on Stage Anymore
Vol. 3 1989 Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Airplane 1989 Gumby
Gumby 1990 Darlene Love
Paint Another Picture 1991 Bruce Springsteen
Live 1991 Frank Zappa 1992 Frank Zappa
At the Circus 1992 Frank Zappa
Disconnected Synapses 1992 Frank Zappa
Tengo Na Minchia Tanta 1992 Frank Zappa
Swiss Cheese/Fire 1992 Turtles
Turtles Captured Live
(Guitar, Vocals,
Executive Producer) 1992 Frank Zappa
You Can't Do That
on Stage Anymore
Vol. 6 1992 Yoko Ono
Ono Box 1992 Frank Zappa
Playground Psychotics 1992 Gavin Friday
Each Man Kills The Thing
He Loves 1992 The Ramones
Mondo Bizarro 1993 Best of Louis Bertignac 1993 Bruce Springsteen
Greatest Hits 1993 Steely Dan
Citizen Steely Dan 1995 Turtles
Let Me Be:
30 Years of Rock n' Roll 1995 Turtles
Eve of Destruction:
30 Years of Rock n' Roll 1995 Turtles
She's My Girl;
30 Years of Rock n' Roll 1995 Turtles
30 Years of Rock n' Roll 1995 Turtles
30 Years of Rock n' Roll 1995 Duran Duran
Thank You 1995 Frank Zappa
Strictly Commercial 1996 Cowabunga!
The Surf Box 1996 Turtles
Greatest Hits 1998 Frank Zappa
Cheap Thrills 1999 The Johnny Popstar Luv

Lizzy the Supermarket
Drag Queen 2000 Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
Soul Caddy
(Vocals on Diamond Light)


1971 Frank Zappa's 
200 Motels

1975 Dirty Duck 1980 Loose Shoes 1989 The True Story of
200 Motels