Bill Lloyd, Songwriter/Artist, Nashville, Tennessee

"Mark has a varied and very successful career as an artist, manager, session singer, radio personality and university teacher that amazes me in it's depth and breadth. I can't think of many of his peers in the music world whose resumes' show as much diversity. Plus, with Mark, you get a guy who's been through all that and still speaks with clarity and a sense of humor that didn't die off after the umpteenth record deal."

J. Michael Dolan, Publisher/Executive Editor, Music Connection Magazine

"For many years I have had the absolute pleasure of working and consulting with Mark Volman on a wide variety of music industry projects. I am extremely impressed with Mark's exceptional talent as a performer, his consummate knowledge of the "inner workings" of the music business and his impeachable character as a human being.

He has the foresight as well as the fortitude to put forth a total commitment to his work, and has also proven his ability (time and time again) to see projects through to the end with complete professionalism, reliability and integrity.

Given Mark's engaging "people skills," his exceptional knowledge of the music business, and his humbling devotion to his family, I absolutely support and recommend him for any music project or endeavor."

John Hartmann, Music Manager

"Mark Volman inspired me to pursue a career in academia. I was honored to speak before his class at LMU; and marveled at his ability to turn real life experience into a comprehensive analysis of a very complicated business. His articulation of the systems and protocols of entertainment could not be perceived by imagination. They had to have been lived. Mark's charm, wit and intellect dance with his four decades of experience to create a classroom full of fun, hope and dreams of future careers in show business. He is a sage in that universe."

Howard Silverman, Co-Owner, Paradise Artists, Inc.

"I have been associated with Mark Volman on a professional basis since 1983. Over those 22 years, I have come to respect the scope and breadth of his entertainment industry acumen. Most artists need a quick overview to make them understand any business decisions they are being asked to make whereas Mark Volman can usually be explaining a thing or two to me! Through his many years with The Turtles, Flo & Eddie, his management classes and his record company dealings, he has really done it all."

Joe Stefko, Professional Drummer, still waiting for royalties

"Nobody knows the 'chutes and ladders' of the music business better than Mark Volman. As a matter of fact Mark knows it so well that it is HE who I have to watch!"

Jim Pons, Songwriter, Producer and Former Bass Player with The Leaves,
     The Turtles and Mother's of Invention

"With more than forty years of experience in all facets of the music and entertainment industry, there isn't a more knowledgeable person when it comes to the way it all works than Mark Volman. If I needed help or advice about a career move in this business he'd be the first person I'd talk to. Plus he's cheaper than a lawyer."

Tristan Avakian, Professional Guitarist, Cirque de Soleil

"Mark is one of those rare artists who has not only an intuitive but a practical sensibility when it comes to business. I have often showed him contracts to review and he has offered valuable insights and advice for free, usually commensurate with the findings of Ron, my New York showbiz lawyer, who charges about what you would expect New York showbiz lawyers to charge. When asked about what he would consider a logical end-point of a negotiation he has been right 99% of the time."

Brian Adler, Professional session musician, performer, arranger and songwriter

"Mark's years with the Turtles and Frank Zappa have given not only a road warrior's common sense of the life of a rock star, but his record and publishing deals give him an interpretation of contracts that one only gets from being through a myriad of situations, many of which he candidly shares with his charges."

Robert M. French, Attorney at Law

"After practicing law for seventeen years as a civil litigator, I began looking into entertainment law. The overview Mark provided have proven to be invaluable to someone with little prior legal knowledge about the music industry. I could not be happier with the results."

Claudine Cazian, Promotion and Marketing Coordinator

"Mark not only challenged my views of what the music industry entails, but also broadened my personal horizons. Having absolutely no musical talent, and a degree in Communication Studies, I figured that the music industry held no place for me. I couldn't have been more mistaken. Who knew that after consulting with Mark, I landed a job at a popular radio station in Los Angeles, as a Promotions and Marketing Coordinator. Thanks to Mark, I put my knowledge to work and found a place within the industry for myself. I may not be the lead singer of a major band, or a pop icon for the new millennium, but I am a small piece of what the music industry has to offer to the public."

Dr. Rick Sparks, smooth jazz composer/performer, professor of telecommunications,
     Lee University, Cleveland, Tennessee

"From his halycon days as a founding member of The Turtles to today's latest music styles, Mark Volman continues to prove himself as a working performer, writer, producer and mentor to young artists looking for a helping hand in the music business. I'm so glad he's decided to make himself available as a proven and honored professional to anyone who needs help navigating one of the toughest but most rewarding businesses on the planet. Dare I say it: you and your music career will be "Happy Together" with Mark Volman!"

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